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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
I need to get my bike sorted next year. It's been off the road now for two years, and not started. I bet the carbs are bunged up for starters....just needsa bloody good service, shims possibly need sorting as it's done 50k miles now or thereabouts. New discs and pads up fornt, and might as well put on braided hoses all round. And replace all the fluids, including fork oil. Oh and put in some standard clutch springs. I had a new clutch put in just before I moved, not having the time to do it myself, and the bloody mechanic put in some heavy duty ones! I had hands like Popeyes after riding up from Potter Heigham to Boston!
Mine hasn't seen daylight for 6 years now
It turned into a nuts and bolts job. But I have a very limited budget like most people. Parts can be sourced away from main dealers, its been fun becoming resourceful to get parts and get bits done. It does help when you can do a lot of things on the bike yourself.

Yeah heavy duty clutch springs sounds good, but the reality is summat else.
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