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I worked at Universal Salvage for a short while, many moons ago, before it became Rockingham Motor Speedway! There was a commercial side to it over the road up Gretton Brooke Lane. So they sent me over there to de-identify the lorries, vans etc. It was quite a hot day, and I was stretching into a van trying to get at the vin plate with my feet astride a tyre. I kept hearing this hissing sound. I thought it was some fliud or air leaking out of the van system some how until I stepped off the tyre and looked down to see a dirty great big adder just about ready to strike! I jumped back just as it missed me! I bloody ran from there back to the cabin where the other blokes were having a Tea Break! The boss called me a wuss and told me to get back there! I told him to fuck off and sack me! He didn't coz he was short staffed as it was. I wasn't surprised at 3.50 and hour! in 1995...
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