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Originally Posted by SS2 View Post
Ah I forget we're quite spoilt. Our local breakers (Roosters) strips and catalogues (in his head I think) all the expensive stuff and stores that away safely, then owt else gets parked up outside. There must be an acre of scrap bikes just parked outside in his compound so you can just wander round and find stuff for yourself.

That's sounds great !! A decent set up.

Reminds me of when I was a kid at Varneys scrap yard on Egde Hill, Banbury. Me and my brother would be on the top car of a stack of four getting what we needed from an old car. Needed two of us. One to lie across the car footwell and brace it with your feet to the pile of cars adjacent to stop it swinging or toppling over, so they other one could get some leverage a tommy bar.
Health and Safe.... wha??? Who ??
Me younger brother got bitten by a scarp yard dog..... a bl***y gurt Rottie which the site owner had let out thinking everyone had gone home. Cept me brother. He got hsi parts for free and the boss said come back anytime and have some more free. He should have checked before he let the guard dogs out. Good old days.

I've used DK used spares and they have always been good to deal with as long as you know exactly what you want.

I've just ordered an offcut of 50x25 steel section off ebay.
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