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Originally Posted by Cherokee View Post
Howdy Friar Tuck, thanks for the grand welcome from across the pond! Just as a point of fact I'll share a bit of my Geneology with you all. My surname "Shrum" was Schramm when my great greats come across from Bavaria. That was back in year 1600 and some. My kin fought on both side of the American Revolution and War of 1812. I'am not sure what you fellows call that war? We (Schramm/Shrum) made it south down the coast and got married to a Cherokee gal. Hence my " chat name". I've got a bunch of famous Cherokee ancestors name of Starr (outlaws) I've been an outlaw, Cop, devil & Christian too. Learned to live/love bikes in the 60's in California saw many a biker loved some and hated some. Just a long winded intro LOL. So ya all are piss artists eh LOL, and hey hope you've gotten the good "meds"
That's a fair bit of ancestry there! You have obviously done a bit of digging. It incredible that you can trace your heritage back to 1600 from Bavaria. Did your folks come over with the Pilgrim fathers?

I think the War of 1812 as we know it is called the Anglo-American War of 1812!! I buy "Wild West" magazine (I'm an nutter for anything Old West!) and read quite a bit about the outlaws of that period, and the name "Starr" quite often crops up, Belle Star is the main one I know about. Funnily enough Starr cropped up in August Edition, so I tried to trace it through the article, but couldn't find it. So I googled it thinking the name was "Bobby" Starr! That was an education!!!! Ahem! As for me meds? Yep they're essential, especially when you keel over with a heart attack, at 48! That was 9 years ago and I'm still upright so I must be doing summat right! Welcom to the forum.
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