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Originally Posted by tetlee View Post
Nice bike Raven... Comstar wheels! Now there's a blast from the past...
Thanks, I have a spare engine (just in case she blows) for her too that I managed to pick up a few years back. I would've prefered the spoked wheels though. As far as I believe everything on it is original apart from the exhausts, mirrors (I have the originals) and the sissy bar.

She handles really well too, probably due to the Avon Venoms I had fitted. Tons of grip on corners and with these tyres I've had it almost as low as the foot rest but wasn't brave enough to all out on the sparks lol. She'll also red line all the way through to the needle stop which I believe is in excess of 14,000 revs. I don't know though as the clocks on these only read as far as 10k. But yes, she'll definitely red line without screaming at me to stop lol
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