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Greetski vrom Lincolngrad, Da! We is all getting old matey! I ride (well it's on sorn at the moment!) a Yamaha Fazer 600, bought new for my 40th, sold it on ebay in 2007 full service history with 14k and immaculate, to fund buying a car for the missus for her 50th. Then four years ago, I was on ebay on a Sunday afternoon, you know that time between having dinner and waiting for the evening TV drivel to start and you had a few bevvies. So you start trawling Ebay for something better to do. So there I was beer in hand so to speak when up pops this silver Fazer not far away up the road from me, for a silly BIN price of 600 quid, Mot, needing some new doen pipes 50k on the clock and a bit frayed around the edges. So I thought stuff the missus I'll worry about the nuclear fall out later (I'm brave when I have a few beers in me!) and put the bid in and got it. So when I was arranging to collect it. I happened to mention to the guy that I hada silver Fazer once and sold it to a chap on Ebay quite local to me with the reg. no. HMR and I used to call it HOMER (still do!). To which he replied Yup, this is Homer, and I am the guy you sold it to! So what are the chances of that? So now Homer is staying with me, even if it doesn't shift ever again!
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