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Default Morning.

Sculling about on the net and found the forum. I might fit in...I'm an old git a small shout off 73.
Tried filling in the CP section, biography's a bit skinny so..First bike at 14 was a battered James Captain 197cc. Used to keep it in my mate's Grandad's allotment shed and ride it round the lanes after school. Passed my test in 1964 on a BSA C15. Always had a bike of some kind, some shit others bueno.
Didn't get infected by a car licence 'till I was 30.
Ride a 1997 Guzzi Cali now, had it since new. Bought it when my Mrs died as my Yam XJ900 held too many memories, still got the Yam laid up though.
Guzzis' probably the best bike I've owned in 59+ years. Chuck my camping gear on it and not crippled after 200 comfortable miles.

My bottles gone now, don't ride much after October till March, frosty roads and old bones are bad news and throwing it up the road it hurts more now anyway.
Here you go, this is my tractor...
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