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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Ah yeah but, no but, Yeah, as a co founder it is your responsibility to ensure that all founder members (Me being the one and only other!) take presidence above all other encumbents to ensure the Company i.e Ewokandtuck INC. and all its derivitives and deviences, can operate and continue without pause or distraction. I refer to Article 708b, sub paragraph 32c (section 10) on page 690, of the Company Founding Directors Employment Contract. The one that Says " What's mine is mine, aand what's yours is mine as well". The clause that you snuck in whilst I added that other one that I've forgotten about but I'm sure it was very important.....
Therefore hand the bike over.....!!
The clause I snuck in was that at the moment of signing the founding papers that Article 708b, sub paragraph32c(section 10) on page 690 was null and void and that all profits, property and slaves belonged to Sir Ewok in perpetuity unto the 7th generation. So yah Boo sucks!
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