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Originally Posted by 750dave View Post
So, I decide to dive in head first, if the first stud shears off I'll resort to the I give the nuts another dowsing in 3 in 1 (they've been dripping on my garage floor for 3 nights now) and take her for what may be a goodbye spin round the town. When I get back I leave her ticking over on fast idle till the fan comes on.
Every single stud unscrewed from the head with no problem at all.
The cloud is there because these exhausts were originally made for a vn classic so I had to space the footboards out to make them fit tidy. Turns out that every time I ground them on a corner I bent the 3" long bolts a tad, BOTH the buggers snapped off flush with the frame.
Oh well at least I can get a file and a drill on them. I've got a couple or three hours before it gets dark.
Just goes to prove, it's not always the obvious that trips you up......
Does my belly look big in this?
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