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Default rusted downpipe threads

About 100 years ago I remember seeing an article in 100% about freeing rusted nuts holding downpipe flanges. It had the usual tips like soaking them in oil and using an impact wrench, But there were some real gems like after a 24 hour soak run the engine up to operating temperature the idea being to replicate the conditions under which the nuts/studs rusted in the first place.
I now find myself in the position of having to replace a stock exhaust before my bike is examined by an insurance bod. The nuts are just blobs of rust but they used to be a steel tube with a thread in one end and a hex/allen hole in the other.
I really can't afford the hassle of having to deal with studs sheared off at the head as there is no access to get a drill on them.
I'm trying to collect a battery of tips and using them all together. tho' if I start looking through my collection of back issues I won't come up for air for days.
It's a kwak vn800 with steel nuts and studs into an ali head. If any one can help I'd be really grateful
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