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When a bike comes out the factory, it is built to a budget and a time scale. It is built for profit, so it goes to stand, yes it is built to a certain standard, but that varies re a 5'o'clock bike lets say, against a Wednesday pm jobbie, or a Monday Morning one. OK quality standards have improved over the years. But it goes to show that new bikes are chucked out the factory with certain flaws that the new owners wil inevitably improve on.

So a bike will over time will have had alterations made to it to suite it's current owner. A bike should keep it's natural patina as it progresses through new ownerships. So in thirty or so years time it shows maturity. If a guy wants to "restore" it then he should restore it to "factory" standards of the time in my opinion. and not the perfect bolt put in the right way, and polished to within an inch of it's life and then "trailored" to shows, to win awards judged by jumped up prats who think they know everything to know about the marquee in question when in reality they haven't even worked on a bike manufacturing line or been anywhere near a manufacturing plant in their life!

So these dildos that think they know everything and try to tell you otherwise are complete arseholes as far as I'm concerned. I have been around manufacturing all my life. from Duplicators, to top of the range boat building, and medical machinery manufacturing, and I can tell you everything is built to a budget and a standard that can always be improved upon. Yes a "concours" machine will win trophies and awards but it shouldn't because it wasn't built to "Factory Standards". So just tell them that and that they can just fuck off!

Oooh! I feel a lot better for that..... And breathe......
Does my belly look big in this?

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