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Default Gotta start somewhere...

Hi guys and gals.

33 year old lad residing in Barcelona. Just got onto a road legal bike for the first time. I'm restricted to a 125cc for a while so trying to spruce it up. It's a Suzuki GZ 125 marauder. 2007 model and clean as a whistle. Been stored in the dry and risen in the dry since birth. Well my expertise on mechanics goes as far as this. I was able to remove the pillion seat and it became a single seater. So there you are. That's the end of my skills.

So now I'm wanted to turn it into something special but don't know where to begin. I want to get some cafe racer style bars, and a turn out exhaust but I don't know how to do it. Do I buy myself and bring to a mechanics for installation or do I bring pictures and he orders parts and fits. Mechanics are a bit funny here.

I'd love any advice like I'm in town I can help with info :-) buy you a pint
Turn out exhaust there illegall (are they)?

But yeah.. much love and thanks for reading from the loud, motorbike crazy city of Barca.
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