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Default Custom Bike Insurance.

OK i may have asked this before in another thread, but i am just in the prosess of picking my bottom jaw off the deck.

Just spoken with Carole Nash about insuring the Trident, and because its got a hard tail frame they want to charge me 260 for it !!!

I used to insure my past bikes with them, and the last one, a very well modified Z650 cost me just 60, OK it was back in 2001 but over four times as much in 16 years!

I did run an on line quote as a classic and got 120, makes no sence, if it was 10 years older it would have a hard tail as std.

Its a joke as my car insurance is just 230 with the misses as a learner on there, i used to build, tune a drive mad fast Japanese turbo cars and never paid more than 500 for them!

OK fair enough i don't have any current NCB on a bike, but i have been riding bikes since i was 15, surely experience should count for something.

Rant over!

So my question is who are you insuring your custom bikes with, and what sort of premium are you paying?

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