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Default John Walker...

I have permanently banned this "Newbie" unless he can prove otherwise that his intentions were good.

John Walker, you were banned because:-

A: You didn't bother to fill out a user CP up on the left hand side. It only takesa few minutes and it lets the rest of the forum members know a bit about you and that you are a nice genuine chap (or chapess!).

B;- you will have to be more subtle than just posing questions over some problem on your "motorcycle" then adding some drivel of a link to some spurious website which we consider as spam. Join in the forum honestly, then once you have gained the confidence of the members then you can maybe drop the link into a posting! But until you can prove otherwise and convince us that you are genuine, you remain banned!

And this goes for all other Newbies so be warned.....!

(Probably won't stop the Yank locksmiths, lawyers, and garage door salesmen, or the Thai spammers continuing to try though!)
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