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Originally Posted by RichierAlmighty View Post
Hi, just to say that I've registered as a new member but I am a real person, with a real family, and a real bike (BlackBird XX).

It is, undoubtedly, the best bike in the World (not just because it is mine, but because it is... really!!!!)

I bought it with 12 years and 12K Km on the clock. The previous owner had it for good weather and barely rode with it. It is an amazing bike and I really love it!
You are most welcome Richier, I nearly had a Blackbird once. I saw it in the showroom on the Tuesday night. Went back Saturday to buy it only to find that the bloody bike shop had burnt down!!! True this was in Didcot about 2000. I was allowed to get a bike for my 40th birthday! I ended up with a Fazer 600 which I bought brand new and still got! I even sold it once on Ebay, then bought it back from the same guy that I had sold to 5 years later!

Oh yeah feel free to join in any time we need some new blood on here...
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