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Default Brake & clutch master cylinder HELP!!

Really struggling here, bought some ebay brake and clutch master cylinders, and found that they where not man enough IE piston size to brake caliper/pistons ratio was not right, master cylinder does not shift enough fluid volume, so brake does not engage until the leaver is nearly touching the handlebar, same goes for the clutch.

They where 17mmm pistons, so i tried an old leaking generic M/C with a 5/8" piston and this worked fine for both clutch and brake, but my problem is now where to find brake & clutch M/C with 5/8" or 19mm pistons?
cant seem to find any on ebay,
I have seen some radial M/C with 19x18+16x18 pistons on AliExspress but i have no experience or idea just how this would translate to a normal M/C as the piston stroke is never mentioned.

So if anyone can enlighten me, or tell me of any existing M/C off a current bike with 5/8" or 19mm pistons that i can pick up from a breaker (don't want to spend silly money) i would be very grateful.
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