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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Some times I wish I had the brass neck even to think such a scam up! When the chinese olympics was about to launxh and the Chinese government were buying up anything stainless/brass/copper/plywood sheets for building their olympics stadiums everything went sky rocket on the open market making it hard to get anything commercially. I know as I was an engineering buyer then and anything made form these raw materials just sky rocket in price. People were actually buying copper tubing from the like of B&Q etc. and taking it straight around to the scrappies and getting a better deal from them and making a good profit. This waswhen the scrappies paid you cash and didin't ask too many questions as to the validity of the source of the material being flogged!
There are people out there who are very shrewd at seeing an opportunity and making money very fast when an opportunity arises. Very sharp people. At the end of the day the biggest cheats and scammers are the politicians and their paymasters the super rich.
They work very big fast ones as a perk of their privilidged status.
Ahh but the man on the street can't.
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