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Unfortuantly we have run out of funds for now, and not sure when will have any spare either

On the good side, I have taken the chance of bringing him home, and am in the process or remarking my existing pathways, so that when he finally goes back and is finished, he will have a nice home to go to.

My current workshop, altho is of a nice size, is just to small and needs extending.

I have around 8 foot of plastic roofing and all the cross members and if we can get them out the uprites as well.

Currently there is a wooden slatted floor (decking), that I will hopefully be able to use

As we have to remove the outside extention from my Mothers Bungaloo, before its returned to the council in 4 weeks time.

But at moment all my spare time is sat by my mum as she hopefully passes away peacefully
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