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Question Automatic bike problem

Hey guys,

I have a feeling i am going to get butchered on here but here goes and i am hopping for the best. I need to start with the fact i am terrible when it comes to mechanics but i would love a little heads up before i go to the garage.

I have been riding bikes for many years and at the moment i own 2. 1 is something that i got at a great price online for a XR 250 at this link: you should check it out. And a 125cc automatic scooter. The problem is with my scooter. I use the scooter to get around town for small day top day journeys. Recently (this is the bit where i might get butchered) the bike has started acting real annoying. When i am riding along at 10-50 Kph, it's like there is power then no power, power then no power so on so on or feels like i keep pulling back the throttle and releasing it instantly, if that makes sense. But when i open the throttle up it rides normal with no problems that i can notice, smooth and comfortable.

I'm hoping you guys can help me out. The last time i took my bike to the garage they had me big time!! this time some advice off you guys and a couple garages later, all should be good.

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