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Default 3 wheels but not quite a trike !!!!!!

hi all havent posted in a longtime because of personal stuff thats been going on for far too long and hopefully will get on some decent rallies again after a couple of years of not doing so
heres some pics of recent angle grinding goings on and general butchery of a triumph 900, its a chs ( centre hub steering ) front end fitted with car wheels with one single bike disc fitted with two six pot calipers.
just finished fitting a cbr1000 shock at moment with a fully adjustable mount which was an utter pig to make, was concerned over future adjustments so covered the bases doing it this way.
steering linkages are being made over next few weeks as tie rods have just arrived along with stainless for fork tubes and all iron work into coaters next week including framework hopefully.
sidecar has been converted to 14" car wheel with progressive r1 suspension and twin calipers fitted, also has had an anti roll bar setup added to sidecar to keep it all level at the back but too buried to photo at moment.
at current build speed probably looking at middle of 2017 before its anywhere near finished as theres still loads to do, only problem not solved yet is fitting a speedo and building an exhaust system which im hoping to run out under sidecar with an upswept design, thought about a pushbike type speedo if any one has any good ideas or experience of such stuff.
aint no chop but been well fooked around with lol and any comments thoughts more than welcome

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