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Welcome to the forum Sluey. It makes a change to say to "Hello" to a newbie rather than banning them for a spammer, I can tell you.

Well, what poser of a question. For starters there a few good chaps on here that are good engineers and help you quite a lot. Harry is our resident Tech Guru (We volunteered him!) Hos is another good guy as he seems to hibernate in his shed for long periods of time. Me? I just get in the way and make Smart Alec comments!

Right the first Smart Alec comment is: Do you want to go the whole hog and customise the GS? Or is it good enough to return to original? If you throw the dosh at it and go the whole restoration route you might just end up with near concourse bike worth a few bob but no where near as much as the time, heartache and cash that you've put into it. But in the long term you should recoup it.

If you go the customised route the same thing applies but you will never recover your investment.

However if you just refurb the engine by going one size over tolerance, and when I say refurb I mean just re-bore the piston and regrind the crank, cam, etc. But keep it "standard" i.e no fancy tuning, the engine will keep you in good stead for whether you go down the "Classic" or "Customised" route.

Good luck Matey! Personally I'd go down the "Classic" route as by looking at the way you say it has some sentimental value to you. Otherwise I'd go the customised rout and watch my cash disappear down the drain. But think of the satisfaction at the end when you see the finished article and say "I did that ..Me!" Just hope it doesn't end up like looking like a dog though.....
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