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Default Hi everyone, Exeter calling

Hi all,
So I've been a subscriber of BSH for more than a few years. But since a certain editorial staff change, I've not really been enjoying it. so bugger it, it's out the window! onwards and upwards as they say. (Do they also say how big a twat Nik is??)
I have a '76 550 four and a '78 GS1000 that are both in the shed. This brings me to a question: I have had the GS engine apart and the barrells were pretty badly marked, I honed the marks out with a rotary cylinder de-glazer but now need to work out if it's within tolerance for new rings or whether it will need reboring and new pistons/rings. does anyone know of someone in the south west of UK that could check it and/or rebore it? I don't want to go to a dealer because they wouldn't be doing the engineering but just taking extra cash!
Also - how far do I go with it? should I get the crank done if it has to be rebored? should I chuck new carbs at it if the crank gets done? would I then have to upgrade the suspension and brakes? I don't mind doing it as the GS is a long time love but A: where do I start? and B: where do I stop?!!
Can't think about doing the 550 until the GS is back but i'm thinking that it should come back way different from the original - any ideas?
Anyway cheers,
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