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Default Am I prepared for a Harley?

Hi folks. I was a newbie I was hoping for some advice. I've developed my interest in the bike world since a close family friend bought a trike 6 months ago. Although I'm not really in the market for a trike, I've always had an interest in cruiser motorcycles and quite fancy indulging in a mid-life crisis, spending a chunk of my savings and finding myself a bargain second hand Harley Davidson for sale. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the subject matter is very limited. I have a full bike license dating back to my early 20's when I owned a Honda 125cc. But that was a longtime ago and I doubt I am in anyway prepared to jump straight onto a motorcycle the size of a Harley and ride off into the sunset without causing myself and/or probably somebody else a serious injury or worse. So I guess my first question is what would be the best way to prepare in advance. Buy and spend 6 months riding an intermediate sized motorcycle to get back into the swing of things? Or are there refresher courses or courses designed specifically for who want to ride cruiser motorcycles out there? Also, on a slightly different angle, what are the things i should look out for and bear in mind when considering buying a used Harley? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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