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Default A potted history.

I've held a full bike liI've held a full bike license for 35 years, (34 for cars) January 2015 I made the decision nobody wants to make.
I won't lie, it was a hard decision to make, and it damned near broke me. But, it was MY call, I had control. My license was due for renewal Nov 2015, and for 6 years I'd been on a 'medically restricted' 3 year license due to disability (MS). Around mid - the tag end of 2014 the MS found a couple of extra gears, and done a bit of a job in me. I was pretty sure Id be hit for a driving assessment, I wasn't about to let somebody tell me I couldn't drive, so I made the decision not to renew my license.
The list after 35 years.
16 cars.
23 bikes
2 trikes
7 blown engines
Here's a small selection of the bikes.

My first bike, an ss50 5speed Honda, and a very fresh faced 17yro me waay back in 1980.
Mate was on a 'just hit the market' CB50. The first of the restricted 50s.

A year, and 4 bikes can change you quite a bit. RD250

DT175 it was a farm bike that lay untouch in a barn for a couple of years. bought for 40, spent 50 to put it back in the road. Used it for 6 months and sold it for 160.

K1 1000 wing. Micron hi rise bars & marshal 4-2 exhaust

DR750 getting a plug change, and a dead 305 kwak. The 305 was 2 of the blown engines, the 2nd time was terminal, but what else can you expect from a 2 cylinder 4 stroke with a 14,000 red line ! lol

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