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Default Evening. :)

Found this forum after much prodding an pokin around, and hoping someone can help in an ongoing search.
I've been off the road for a year now due to disability, (MS) and off bikes for some years before that, but that's just how things work in life and I did have 30 odd years to enjoy all the twisty roads N Ireland had to offer the brave/ terminally stupid/suicidal biker.
To get up to date, and my search. I'm trying to track down a copy of awol, the issue in question is one that covered the Ancestors rally in Carlingford, S Ireland.
It would have been circa 94-96 I think, there where a LOT of rallies, and things a a bit hazy from round that time. lol.
Anyone know what issue/volume that was ?
Thanks in advance, Phil.
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