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Default Frame registering

I've been given a load of TZR125 bits plus a full bike, all need a good clean (well more than a good clean actually). No paperwork with any of it, all come from a reputable home as it were, the dad just wants shot of it all as its been there for 4-5 years and the son isn't interested any more and has moved out years ago.

A full bike (which turns over), a rolling chassis and two frames plus some tanks, wheels, full plastics and a few other bits and bobs. No keys though. I will have a receipt for it all.

The plan is to make one decent bike for the other halfs son, but failing that I think I will probably get enough in parts to buy something that is already up and running etc

If I am to sell the frames, obviously I will get decent money if they have a reg document, so how do I go about it?
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