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Dont think this thread was anything to do with types of riders. Matlock isnt as good as it used to be, many more sports bikes riders than there used to be, I like to see all sorts and while cruisers aren't my thing, they are for some and most on here.

I prefer Rivi barn to see a great selection of bikes, old British stuff and I mean old as in pre war stuff on occasion, sports bikes, scooters, 125's and smaller, classic jap bikes, the whole gambut of bikes and it tends to be easier to start chatting to folk as its not everyone in a line in the street.

You can sit and see bikes coming in and out all the time which you cant really at Matlock. BTW I used to live 12 miles from Matlock and for me it was a not a place to sit for 3-4 hours or longer as some did. I could spend more time at Rivi doing that because of the ins and outs
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