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Since my back has been getting worse over the years i tend to buy thing's that make the job quicker or with less bending having seen a few video's on the vacuum bleeders I think I will be able to do each brake only bending down twice once to loosen the nipple and once to tighten it again,

Bet it won't work out that way but that's what I'm hoping

Now I'm finding that i have to use breaker bars and impact guns on job's that i used to use ratchets for

Soon I will do a sort of review on the cordless impact guns (wrenches ) i have used and own or it may just be a quick overview

B,G, you just reminded me of another use for PTFE Tape a lot of the Japanese calliper's were buggers to bleed they used to suck air past the threads on the nipples a wrap or two of PTFE tape made thing's a lot easier
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