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Default My 2nd from last project.

2nd last project.
OK I know its a tupperwear bike, so please don't rip me head off
Its was a high performance street/drag bike.
Dutch supercharger and some.
Home build apart from the blower install and electri-whizery.
PCIII infact and generic softwear followed up with dyno time.
Twin fuel maps switchable whilst riding.
Lowish power setting and a full OMG setting.

A standard Hayabusa is extremely rapid.
1st gear = 83 mph top speed.
2nd gear = 115 mph
3rd gear = 143 mph
4th gear = 171 mph
5th gear = 190 mph
6th gear = ???

But sometimes you need more power?
Forced induction is the way to go.
Plenty of turbo bikes out there, but not many supercharged.
This was a lot of work, but great fun.
Too long a spec sheet and max 240 rwhp.

Pure adrenalin rush.
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