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When I was young first experience was with mi grandpas moped it was small Jawa 21 from 60s short while after we me and my mate get it ran we took all body parts of to make racer we also make ramp for jumping in the early end I sold it like non runner for 500Korun which is about 20 pounds plus I had to push it 2,5 kilometers to the buyer becouse that bloody thing left me on half way.But I have nice memories as well on that bike I was stopped by police man first in my live on forest road without helmet and driwing licence naturally.I do not know what that bugger did in forest I thought it is just another biker So I wave on him until he was so close I could recognise police iniform.There was no time to run away no I'm just joking it was inposible on Jawa 21 .I had couple another two strokes but they were not very good as well but there is one big reason why I do not like two strokes and it is me I'm tall man and when I sit on it I look like giraffe on pushbike
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