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Default Workshop tips tricks and handy hints

OK i'll admit it i'm a bit bored but i noticed we could do with a thread like this

Let me start, handy hint's

1. Cover the bike your working on. ( i use moving blanket's)

2. Have a washing up bowl near the bike put all tools used for the job in the bowl not on the garage floor, this way you know where every tool you need to finish the job is. (great tip this one no more hunting for the lost spanner)

3. Do one job at a time. (no more time spent trying to figure out where that bolt fits, your working on the clutch that bolt's from the starter)

4. look on youtube someone on there may have filmed the job your about to do

5. Most job's get easier if you sit back and think about them before starting.

There you go a few to start you off,

Hope this help's Dai
Dyslexic Dai

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