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I've got a Fazer 600. Bought new in 2001 for my 40th birthday. Took it to the TT in 2002. Then didn't use it for a while, and decided to sell it for the missus' 50th birthday. Then a couple of years ago I was on Ebay as you do, and noticed a Fazer not dissimilar to my old fazer and it was only up the road with a BIN price of 600 quid. So I bought it and sod the consequences from the missus! Emailed the guy and said I had had a fazer just like this one which I called Homer as the reg no. was X796 HMR. He emailed back saying that this was Homer (X796 HMR) and to cap it all it was the same bloke I flogged it to in 2007!

I sold in pristine condition with 14k on the clock, but he was a Motorcycle Training instructor and had put 35k on it! I it was a bit battered and bruised but essentially ok still. I needed to put new down pipes on (stainless) new radiator and fan, two new Battlax BT10s, a new battery, new brake pads and pistons! All in all about 1500 quids worth! Way more than what the bikes worth but I've got my bike back! And it aint going any where else now!
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