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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
In and out of the JR? Been there a few times myself. But in my Case the father in law was admitted with pneumonia! We lived in Sutton Courtenay, and had the Father in law living In Abingdon in sheltered accommodation. Dark times they were. Poor chap ended up in a home with Alzheimers. But I bought my current bike from George White's in Cowley. A Yamaha Fazer 600, brand new. Sold it on ebay in 2007 to buy a car for the missus' birthday. Then a couple of years ago I saw a Fazer600 for sale on ebay for 600 quid. put in an offer for the buy it now price. and got it. When speaking to the sell I told him I had had a bike similar to it, called Homer as the reg no. was X796HMR. He replied it was X796HMR! And to cap it off It was the same bloke I had sold it to in 2007!

I hope you are getting better now. and not too may more trips to the Hospital, mate. I like your sense of humour. you'll need it n here. We're a strange bunch!
Just look like a normal bunch a bikers to me.
The getting better ain't going to happen I'm on then downhill run now.
I ain't going to tell what happened in the bike smash because its bad and because there are things that some people don't need to know about.
I had a ride in the air ambulance but I didn't get a bloody sticker or a lolly !!!

Just been diagnosed with major brain injury, I talk reasonable because my comms centre wasn't damaged, but the rest of me brain is a tad fooked.
The brain surgeon is a biker too so that was a big help. Dealing with the Neural Psychologists does my head in, bunch of jerks.
The test results for Peripheral neuropathy just came back negative so MS is still on the cards.
Spinal surgeon says I won't be able to walk in 10 years.... Yeah we'll see.
But I am worth a lot in scrap metal apparently. My little lady say she's going to have me smelted down when I pop me clogs so she can turn my metalwork into body jewellery and then she can wear me. Bless her, she's so sweet.

She got smacked by a hit and run van driver 10 years before we met while riding her 916. We share quite an acute sense of humour

I just bought a used 2 Bro's pro-street exhaust for my bike and been cleaning that up this week. Had a deal !!!
I still ride, what else is there?
You got to have a laugh ? A BIG laugh is all the better.
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