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Default Newb to the forum.

I see a few names I know from the NABD and other places.
Hello and I hope this place is a bit more lively than most bike forums atm?
I've been around on bikes a bit and most midlanders know me or of me.
14 years on from the bike smash and I'm still on 2 wheels. Not ready for the third wheel yet.
I got wiped out by a hit and run near Gaydon who left me smacked up badly and unconscious and dying under my first Busa in a deep ditch.
Got my first road bike in 1975 living in Warwick. Now that was a time and a place!
I ride fast Jap bikes. Had 5 Busa's, a few GSXRs and rapid Kawasaki's. I never leave a bike standard.
Favourite place to be is Santa Pod watching bikes and top fuellers.
I'm still in and out of the JR brain injury unit and Nuffield spinal unit in Oxford.

Biker for life.

Enough of my waffle for now.
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