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One day a guy in Alabama was killed in a house fire; he was burned so bad, the coroner couldn't identify him; he thought it might be Bubba, but just couldn't be sure. He talked to the sheriff about it, and the sheriff told him that if anyone could possibly identify the remains, it would be his two best friends, Clem and Billy-Bob. "They are always together." The coroner said he would talk to them, so the sheriff brought them in

The next morning, here comes the sheriff with Billy-Bob and Clem in tow. The coroner explained what the problem was and Clem and Billy-Bob said they would give it a try.

So the coroner brings Billy-Bob in first. He uncovers the body, Billy-Bob stood wide-eyed, and said; "dang, that old boy is burnt bad! I can tell for sure. The coroner, looking disappointed, started to cover the body, when Billy-Bob got excited, and said;

"Hey, turn him over!" The coroner turns the body over, Billy-Bod looks for a minute, says

"Nope! That ain't Bubba!"

So the coroner, looking disappointed, turns the corpse over and covers him back up, then takes Billy-Bob to the waiting room, and said;"wait here." He takes Clem in to the examining room and uncovers the body.

Clem looks, wide-eyed, and says;" DANG!! That ol' boy is COOKED!! " He looks dumbfounded, says he can't tell, then gets excited, and tells the coroner, "Hey! Turn him over!" The coroner looks puzzled, then rolls the corpse over.

Clem looks, and says; "Nope, It ain't Bubba! No way. The coroner sighs, covers the corpse, and takes Clem back to the waiting room. He tells Clem to have a seat. He looks thoughtful for a moment, and says," so how come you couldn't tell looking at his front, but when I turned him over you both said 'no, that ain't Bubba!' How could you tell?"

Billy-Bob says, "shoot, thats easy! This guy only has one arsehole! Bubba, he's got two arseholes!"

" What do you mean, Bubba has two arseholes! I've never heard of that!", replies the coroner.

Clem said,"oh yeah, its true! Every time we would come to town with Bubba, everyone would say, 'Hey! Here comes Bubba with them two arseholes!!"
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