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Originally Posted by Biker Buster View Post
I had a similar incident at a supermarket, I went in wearing a piss pot lid, No face covering at all and the (as previously described) Security guard came over to me and said I had to remove my helmet, I was aghast.

I said "grow the fuck up, or get a grown up to speak to me". So he waddled off to get the manager.

The manager came and he really couldn't see a problem, but, he had to back up his (Un)trained monkey so he did. At that particular juncture a wee ned came strolling by wearing a baseball hat and a scarf, so I pointed him out and said to the manager, your policies are discriminatory, and at that point I dropped my basket on the floor and walked out.

Not to be beaten, I went in the following week, only this time I wasn't on the bike, filled a barrow up to the gunnels with tons of fresh and frozen stuff, got to the checkout and said to the girl, "Oh sorry I forgot, you don't serve bikers in here do you?"

She was wearing a baffled expression, so I said, "ask the manager". I then walked off abandoning a barrow full of goods at the checkout.

A bit infantile, I know, however, it felt great
Love that... Infantile is just great sometimes... Fuck Em... ignorant gits...would do the same myself...
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