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Default wearing helmet at garage

Took our Gert for a leisurely blast to ashbourne today. After 5 minutes we have our 1st near death experience with a twat changing lanes whilst going round an island then giving me verbals for being in the lane he wanted to be in... Now this alone is normally enough to induce a psychotic response, however, hes got 2 small kids in the car, ive got the missus on the back and the sun is out, so , i took a deep calming breath and pulled into the garage just up the road from the island (half hoping that mr father of the year is going to follow me in ). As is normally the case, he didnt , so i filled up with fuel ready for our run to sunny ashbourne. Now normally i pull my visor up when paying but i just got one of those shark raw helmets for my birthday (which, my lad takes great pleasure in pointing out, makes me look abit like Darth Vader) and after watching the salesman struggling for 15 minutes trying to attach the goggles and chin guard , i thought " fuck that, i ll just leave them in place" . So when i went to pay for my fuel , i left it on , but not wanting to scare the woman behind the counter, i got the money out and said in a cheery voice " ayup duck pump 3 please" to which she replied "I aint serving you till you pull your visor up and i can see your face"
"it hasnt got a visor . These are goggles and theyre fixed to the helmet" says i. Shes still having none of it "well take it off then !" Now, i have to take shit all week at work , my gaffer telling me what to do and... you know the score. So i ll be fucked if im being told what i MUST do on my day off by some jumped up jobsworth . I replied with monumental self control "Now look , if i was some gupta in a burkha would you ask me to take that off ? would you fuck ! "
" its the law" she says. "Well youve got 2 choices" says i " you can either take this tenner and we both go on our merry ways or you can call 999 and tell them theres a bloke whos trying to pay for his fuel but hes refusing to take his helmet off !"
My question is this. Has anyone on here heard of such a law ?
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