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Yes I have a trike with Reliant axle and have had the same problem. I always adjust the brakes back an extra notch to allow for this. (when I get it MOT'd I stop round the corner before going in and ramp them up the extra notch to make sure it passes).

Last time I had the brakes done this didn't seem to work and it turned out there just wasn't enough free play in the actuator (what Harry was saying above) - my trike uses the brake rod of the original bike to operate the master cylinder. Now that I've adjusted it there the angle of the brake pedal isn't right but the main thing is that it works when I need it and lets go when it should.

Hoping to get a friend to adjust the rod/pedal for me as I tend to go the wrong way when I do it, but it's rideable and safe as it is. I don't know why the Reliant brakes do this but I know I'm not the only one. They do a brilliant job of stopping the trike though, in fact they lock up a little more easily than I would like, even when adjusted back the extra notch.
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