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Originally Posted by noisygit View Post
Just in case anyone doesn't realise I was joking I'd better say that should anyone ever find any trike while it is a very good degreaser it should only be used in a very well ventilated area and even then not for long periods or too often! I believe it has been banned now but I do remember a bunch of machine tool fitters who worked with us and used it often were definitely all a bit nuts and most people did put that down o long periods of cleaning machines with trike!
One was speaking from experience of using the aforesaid Trichloroethylene when cleaning printing machinery. Had to tie a piece of rope to me ankle so the lads could pull me back down to earth and I thought I had only used a little bit on a cloth, was well ventilated area too. By eck that stuff is potent. There are other products that claim to do the same as trike, but I have yet to find a better degreasing agent.

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