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Originally Posted by John Hopkins View Post
Well whoever you were, welcome back..

Fill in the user CP up there on the left because after this flurry of two posts nobody is going to remember where you come from.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot..are you male female or poof..your answer depends on what sort of people chat you answer to date is 16 year old girl..

then you will be asked for photo's of your bike..with you draped across it, wearing a smile to show you have teeth.

Damn I thought I was doing ok then I came to that last word-teeth, now I'm screwed!!! As to the other bits I am male but given that I've held a driving licence and had bikes for over 40 years if anyone does try to chat me up I think it best I ignore them I'll try to find a pic of my bike but I don't think I have any recent ones.
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