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I must admitt, due to prefering to keep my limmited funds directed at keeping the bike leggal in the face of an eternal pay freeze, I let my subscription at the newsagent lapse, and found I didn't miss my monthly reading as much as I used to if I missed an issue, so possibly think the mag had gone a bit stale, if you get my meaning. The change in editorship might bring me back, who knows? I think really though, it was the depth of content that killed my subscription, blackjack left and his articles were really good, but so were the ones that followed, but they seemed to not always be there. The other factor that I started to feel was getting a bit repeated was how much space was given over to big budgett customs with v twin engines and sending the trikes off into their own magazine, I'm not keen enough on trikes to keep up the subscription but included in the main mag, they helped keep the mag alive and interesting. Thought I'd throw my thoughts in the ring for the new editor, I won't slate Nic as I don't really have an axe to grind, and the main reason for dropping my subscription was financial, nowt jazz can do about my pay. Want to talk about editor changes wrecking a magazine, well I reacon classic motorcycle mechanic post Rod Gibson is the hands down winner of that award. Suddenly all the articles were about where you could send the bike to get the tyres pumped up . Really the issue there was it was (is) a mechanics mag with an editor who openly admitted to barely knowing which end of a spanner to use - killed the depth of the artilcles.
Keep 100% with it's feet firmly planted and some content in the grass roots is my request, with some workshop content, if the suggestions of a lapsed subscriber are of interest.
Good luck Blue
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