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i have a new tail light it's a led one, i have brake light but no tail light. i have a manual and have spent hours going through the loom to find that it looks like something has been melted, the bike runs fine nothing else is affected but the wires look burnt but like a long time a ago. i got given this bike as a none runner. it was all standard till i got hold of it. and this is the first time i have put the taillight on, i think it was the fuck up fairies not the fix it ones. i will have to set to it again once i have moved. i still ride her out just in sunny day time. lol. i hate things that stop play on the bike i get lost with wot to do. bude nice to visit but dead to live there it's just got wrong over time. i only go there to ace, the boys are a laugh and i like watchin and hearin the bikes on the dyno tehehehehehe. i don't really want to be beaten by a taillight but I'm not a lecky person.
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