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Originally Posted by mistyjoyangel View Post
still bit slow on the tail light going to cheat and take it to ace motorcycles in bude. my fall back men just want winter to fuck off get at least a bit of sun and no mud on roads so I can get out and hear my kat purr.
Get a manual for the bike, it will cost less than a wife went to school in Bude.

Look at your brake light and tail light are they one or two bulbs..let's try to make the fault finding easy..does the brake light work..if it does do you only have two wires to the tail light..If so one goes to ground, (any part of the frame) and the other goes to the ignition switch, probably..I dont have a manual for any bike I dont own..You can buy a digital multimeter for under's a good investment...If you dont know how to use it ask before you blow it up..turn on the ignition switch, set the multimeter to dc volts and connect the black lead to any bare metal on the frame, your child would love to help by holding it there, next touch one of the two tail light wires with the red of the wires should read 13 volts, the other should read 0 volts, obviously they dont or the light would work..If they both read 13 volts the fault is a broken connection on the earth wire, if one reads 13v and the other reads 5 or less that is probably the faulty earth wire...If they both read 0v then you have lost the voltage from the ignition switch..usually a red wire..

If you do have 13v on one wire and 0v on the other then either the bulb or the fitting is broken..

If you don't understand any of this .. ask..

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