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Well, there re 12 bikes stolen, mostly trail bikes so no reg no's - customer owned machines that were newly repaired. Specialist tools like tig welders, and engineering tools. They also had the safe off the wall containing blan mot certificates. The bikes will probably be out of the country as this was the work of an organised gang, however, if you buy a bike and it comes with a mot that is a bit odd looking in some way, check it online to see it is genuine. I'd really like to see the robbing bastards caught, they had 70 grands worth of stuff off this lad, he's self enployed, and has always done right by his customers, some of the losses should come back through insurance, but not all, by a long chalk as thigs like lost earnings and bike hire for customers whos bikes were nicked won't be claimable. Lots of 2014 range of motox gear was taken too
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