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Originally Posted by NoZ View Post
Wow, everyone's a critic!

Can't believe the bitchy shit I've read on this thread so far. What happened to keeping boardroom politics in the boardroom? Why can't you just wish them both good luck in their new jobs - why do you have to be so nasty about it? You wonder why no one's commented in his favour! Shit why would anyone want to.. well other than me but that's cos I have a knack of sticking my head above the parapet.

You don't have to like everyone but you know what, he did a good job whether you like him or hate him. End of the day, the mag thrived under his editorial and was the ONLY mag to do well recently, even against the big boys like BSH. Let's face it, as a SFmag reader, I'm still mourning the loss of my fav mag, which got screwed over big time, as well as my two fav writers. The only reason I will now read BSH is because I wanna see where Nik takes it. Up til now, I gave it a go but thought it was too glossy and up it's own arse quite frankly. But each to their own, others enjoy it, so who am I to slag it off? It's about personal preference, people show theirs by buying it.

Talking of slagging off, I've yet to hear Nik say one bad word about any of this, only seen him say good things about the transition. I'm sure he has his views, as does Blue but both of them have the good manners and professionalism not to spout them over the internet. I've gotta respect that.

I look forward to seeing what both people bring to the table with both mags. I wish them both every success at their creative ventures.

I'll leave you to carry on with ya dummy throwing, as you were
"Your the only one to stick your head above the parapet", have you been reading this thread right.
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