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Default CBRTIM the tribute bike to my eldest son :)

Heres my new post, its gonna take a while to catch up and will follow the build. Most of the pics n info will be on my facebook page as its easy there, than tryting to list loads of pics on here.

Back on 2010, I was given a cb1000 chop that I could do anything with, but Saf wanted me to take here for a long spin and that I couldnt sell it.

Little did I know the journey a twat and life were to take us all on.

So here is the story of CBRTIM, Tim n me hope you enjoy.

The bike had been sat outside for a few years, and took us a while to free enough off, so we could get it in the van

As you can see she had been slide down the road a few times and was in a sorry state.
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