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Originally Posted by ChopperFXR View Post
You accepted the terms and conditions of that particular post.

Be grateful you have a job.

Do it properly, prove that you can produce acceptable results, then you MIGHT just have something to fight with.

1. The terms and conditions keep being altered. What I get now isn't what I signed up for.

2. I am grateful, but that doesn't mean I am happy to endure a constant degradation of my role without resistance. Since when did it become the done thing to just accept the minimum offering with a tugged forelock? Whatever happened to a sense of pride and self worth in this country? (neither of which is in any way a sense of entitlement - I have fought for and earned my way thru life. Son of a squaddie, homeless three times, never unemployed, took crap-ass minimum wage jobs to pay my way thru university, etc)

3. Actually, MY students do very very well thank you. I teach kids from standard working class backgrounds and send a lot of them to uni; a few to Oxford and Cambridge. None of mine leave lacking in literacy skills.
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