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Originally Posted by ChopperFXR View Post
As I said earlier, it is YOU that has missed the point. Moaning about something, without offering an alternative is simply moaning. Nothing positive, encouraging or motivating. My answer is to get teachers to improve their performance THEN, you can talk from a position of strength. At the moment you are just whining like a fucked up two stroke and it is boring.

I did offer an alternative - give education as an industry the same sort of credit and self-regulation as applied to numerous other professional industries in the UK and remove the politicised (tree-hugger leftie or otherwise) nature of the job.
Originally Posted by mickturate View Post
i backed off from this...

because there was a possibility that i just might end up giving a shite ((c) KevIN Bridges) but also cos i knew in my bones that you fenrir like the teachers I described above: thought you were something special...

you are NOT.
the world you thought you knew/I knew is no more, all you are, like anybody else nowadays, is, is a wage slave. your job is to hold on to the kids until they can become a debtor to the world, your job is to train them to accept this as normal, to train them to obey, to listen to pricks like you who think they are special just because for a few years you have 'care & control'

& dont tell me you dont think this, because you cant even be arsed to fight for better terms & conditions, to fight the status quo.

if you'd read what i'd written, i was suggesting there was a way out for you, a way out to a better, better paid, better terms & conditions & a future where you didnt have to work but could enjoy this short life we have...

but no, you didnt read that, YOU are holding on to: 'why can't everybody see that i'm special' & pay me what I believe i'm owed.

the only people allowed that nowadays are politicians. THEY got a pay rise, they got great terms & conditions...why? because they gave up teaching.
gave up being lawyers, gave up whatever they did because they saw the real gravy train: being a politician.

if you were bright you might just see this.

Can't be arsed to fight is an incorrect statement. I said I disagreed with the tactics being used by the union. I've done my share of collective fighting previously.
wyrd bi ful ard
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