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Originally Posted by Fenrir View Post
So your misbehaviour as a kid is not the fault of you or your parents, but the teachers you had? Psychologists would call the attribution bias - it's never your fault is it?

Now where and when the fuck did I make that claim? I freely admit to being an absolute fucking nightmare at school. My reason for this is actually none of your fucking business. However, the only thing worse than not having a father was having my stepfather, whom I hated with a passion you can only dream of. Unfortunately the sad twisted cunt is still alive.

Schools can no longer use canes, expulsions, or suspensions (without LEA grief) and there have been a few court cases about the legality of after-school detentions. So, with no meaningful disciplinary system left, how exactly are teachers supposed to "earn that respect"? By shouting at the kids? Worked for you did it?

If your idea of earning respect from school kids is to use a stick to beat them with, no wonder you are feeling inadequate. Judging from this comment alone, you have not tried to actually make your lessons, interesting, informative, creative and a time and place where a youngster wants to be. CP at school was a sanction for bad behaviour, not an aid to teaching.

One thing that seems to have passed you by Chopper is that teachers are just the frontline staff, they don't set education policy, they don't set exam requirements or assessment criteria, they don't set subject specifications. All that was absorbed into the DOE with the National Curriculum in the '80s. Since then, teachers and senior staff have railed at the government for relentlessly pissing about with stuff they don't understand. But each education secretary wants to make a name for themselves so they get promoted in the Cabinet. Thus, they decide what I teach - even if I worked in the Private sector (assuming I want official recognition of the qualifications).

So how many "Teachers" have got off their collective arses and told the government or DOE, that what they are doing is wrong, detrimental to kids and their education? I may have missed the industrial action taken by NUT, to protest the fact that the DOE was getting it wrong. Maybe that's because teachers come from the same mould as cops that claim they are only doing their job when they harass bikers. (I do recall that the same pathetic excuse was used by Nazi War Criminals at the Nuremburg war crimes trials. The Nazi death camp guards claimed that they were only following orders. It didn't wash then either.

You complain about poor teaching and educational standards, but your solution to this is to make the conditions of employment worse. I'm not sure how you think that'd help?
As I said earlier, it is YOU that has missed the point. Moaning about something, without offering an alternative is simply moaning. Nothing positive, encouraging or motivating. My answer is to get teachers to improve their performance THEN, you can talk from a position of strength. At the moment you are just whining like a fucked up two stroke and it is boring.


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