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Originally Posted by wodda View Post
Does anyone know if the ticket has to be issued by the PC that actually witnessed the alleged offense? The guy that wrote my ticket could not possibly have seen my road position - I was pulled over by his colleague who never spoke to me. He was too busy dealing with the two guys behind me that he also pulled over. If I elect to go to court are they just going to call the other PC as a witness?

If you go to court the police paperwork will fit the crime/case..honesty does not take a part in court proceedings, in fact just the opposite, the whole business is all about which side can convince the judge, who wasn't there, that they are more believable..Unless you have a lawyer who can lie better than the police you will just lose and have to pay more court costs and maybe even a bigger fine...It doesn't really matter whether you were guilty or not, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time..

Anyway, you were guilty..My advice..mark it down to experience and try to spot them first next time..

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